Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer of Solos, Hotel California, The Eagles

This blog is a project I came up with to motivate me to practice my guitar. I have played the guitar for a long time and would say that I am pretty good at it. I teach guitar lessons and play in an awesome band (The Hard Hearted). But I still find it hard to get my regular personal practice in each day.

For that reason I have decided to choose a guitar solo each week to learn, then I will post the video on Youtube and this blog. I will also post the TABs so you can learn the solo if you want. Or if you don't play the guitar, you can just come back here and watch me get better each week.

You could also suggest solo's I should learn. The hardest part of this is thinking of good melodic solo's that aren't just wiggling fingers aimlessly.

This first one is Hotel California by the Eagles. It is not too hard, but its really fun and melodic. There are some really fun riffs that you can use in a million other solos. You can download the TAB and watch my video if you get stuck somewhere.

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